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Why the 5lb weight won’t work

Ladies, Why are we afraid to lift heavy weights? The most common awnser I hear is “I don’t want to bulk up.” Today, I will bust this myth for you so that you can finally begin to achieve the results you desire and the results you deserve.

To build a lot of muscle quickly, your body needs to produce high levels of testosterone which a woman’s body simply does not do. Even women who have higher than average testosterone production in their body do not produce enough to become bulky after a few heavy weight training days. The women who may appear “bulky” to you have done so in one of 2 ways: they have good genetics and an incredible work ethic to put in the hours and hours of time, sweat and strict diet to achive the additional muscle mass - or- they have used steroids or other enhancing drugs. What will happen when you challange yourself with weight training is a tight, firm, fit, and cellulite-free body - much like the girls in the sports advertisments and magazines.

So how much muscle will you gain? Well the average woman or beginner may add 5lbs of muscle in a year. If you are training hard with dedication, a woman can put on up to 12lbs in a year, but exercise, training, genetics and diet all play into the attainability of that number.

Muscle is also the missing link in improving your metabolism.

Less Muscle = Lower Metabolism
More Muscle = Higher Metabolism

No amout of “fat buring super food” or  “metabolism charging drink” will ever do for your metabolism and your weight loss goals as adding 1-2 extra lbs of muscle will. Imagine your muscles are furnaces in your body, furnaces that will burn fat. Weight training will add another furnace or two, and will help tune up the other furnaces so we can run them on high and burn more fat.

Women should train with weight, and should feel challanged. Weight training helps prevent osteoporosis, increases energy, and decreases stress. Wightlifting makes us look good and feel great - it is truely empowering!

No one is stopping her… so what’s stopping you?


How to Stay Fit this Ramadan
Ramadan is the month of fasting in the Islamic Calander. This Year Ramadan begins mid-July until mid-August. During this time Muslims will refrain from eating and drinking between sun up and sun down. However some Muslims also treat Ramadan as a time to binge on rich and fatty foods after sundown. Here are some quick tips to help you or your fasting clients this Ramadan.

1)Plan Ahead - Start meal planning now. If you plan ahead of time to have healthy pre-dawn meals (Suhoor), Healthy sundown meal(Iftaar), and a good snack after Taraweeh Prayers,  you are less likely to order take out because you are tired, or be at the call of food cravings. Stay tuned for food planning advice.

2)Start Reducing caffeine intake - Avoid the painful caffeine withdrawal while fasting, start cutting back now and avoid the headache (literally)

3)Bring Water to Taraweeh Prayers - Take water with you during the extra prayers during Ramadan. Marathon Praying is tough and so is fasting during the summer, drink up!

4)Attend Taraweeh Prayers - Get moving! Do not fall into the habit of eating all night long. Put down the 3rd helping and go pray. This will help your digestion as well as your sleep since the prayers have a physical aspect, and it will help you the next day with a dose of spirituality.

5)Be Active - Check out a local 24hr gym, plan to train at home in the evening or even better, workout 1 hr before Iftaar. This is preferable to maintain muscle and stay fit because the body is in a prime state to receive nutrients post-workout (like startchy carbs with your protien). Focus more on weight training, less cardio or no cardio. Take it slow and listen to your body. Start working out now and learn how to work out before Ramadan starts. You will find if you work out just before breaking fast, your energy wil soar.

Label Tricks - 1 serving is half the bottle, so if you drink the whole bottle as most people do, double the calories, and double the sugar. Ouch.

Label Tricks - 1 serving is half the bottle, so if you drink the whole bottle as most people do, double the calories, and double the sugar. Ouch.

Sunny Day reminds me of a Sunny Lady

It is such a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia, perfect day to go outside and enjoy the sun! A nice breeze is blowing through the trees, and people are out walking and biking and having fun. This is the sort of day that makes me feel grateful for good health and fitness. Without my health, I could not go out and enjoy this day fully, without my fitness I could not run or bike, or feel comfotable in the sun.

This is the kind of day that reminds me of Eileen, who is as sunny and bright as the day, and of her journey that gave her back control over her life. Eileen was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1990, a form of arthritis causing loss of mobility of the spine and some joints. Movement was hard for her, her own doctors told her she would end up in a wheel chair, and was quite depressed. Then in 2010 Eileen came to see me. She was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, she was done with skipping out on functions and events because of pain or from low confidence. She was ready for change and I was excited to help her. A year later Eileen had droped over 80lbs, joined a hiking club, and let her true sunny self shine to all those around her. I will never forget the day she came in crying because she sat down on the beach - because she had the mobility to get down onto the sand, and without the weight or pain, it didn’t hurt to sit there in the sun and chat with her friend. Se was so happy, and I was thrilled for her.

How much we take for granted, being able to sit and stand, to walk, to be active. Eileen no longer lets life drift past her door, she is out enjoying every bit of it! I hope you are too, and if not, what is stoping you from enjoying life? find out what that is and work to change it - a year from now, you will be glad you did.